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Mediation in offences and disputes in Helsinki – Helsinki Mediation Office (Helsingin sovittelutoiminta)

Mediation is an alternative for settling and resolving cases arising from offences and disputes. Cases involving different kinds of offences can be referred to mediation, for example assaults, malicious damage and property offences. Less serious disputes can also be mediated, if at least one of the involved parties is a natural person.

Mediation is free-of-charge, voluntary, alternative, reasonable and confidential to all parties. Mediation can be discontinued by the parties at any stage of the process.

Mediation can be iniated by, among others, the police, prosecutors and by the parties to the case or a custodian of an underaged party. In cases involving intimate relationship violence only the police or the prosecutor has the right to initiate mediation.


Mediators are volunteer workers who have recieved appropriate training and they are guided and advised by the professional staff of the mediation office.


There has been legislation of mediation in Finland since 2006. City of Helsinki's Mediation office (Helsingin sovittelutoiminta) was established in 1987.

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