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Mediation process

Mediation can be intiated by the police, prosecutor, the parties to the case themselves except in cases of domestic violence, and the guardian of a minor. Mediation can take place between parties who have personally and voluntarily expressed their agreement to mediate and who can understand the significance of mediation and the solutions reached in mediation. Participation of a minor in mediation additionally requires that his/her guardian or other legal representatives agree to this. Decisions relating to referrals to the mediation service can be appealed.

How does mediation work in practise?

In mediation, the parties themselves can influence the resolution of their own case. Mediation is based on joint discussion, in which in addition to the parties involved, a voluntary mediator and, if necessary, a public service interpreter also participate.
In the case of a minor, it is recommended that the guardian be present in the discussion. In the mediation meeting, a party can use an assistant or support person, if this does not jeopardise the smooth process of the mediation and all the parties involved agree to this.
The aim of the mediation is through constructive discussion to settle the case and to agree on compensation for possible damage. The parties can agree between them monetary compensation, compensation through work or some other kind of restitution. If the parties reach a common understanding, an agreement on the case is prepared which the parties sign. The legal authority, such as the official prosecutor, is informed of the agreement.

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